Strides Forward: Stories of Women Runners

Devon Yanko + Comrades Marathon: Her White Whale

Episode Summary

Elite American ultra and marathon runner Devon Yanko shares experiences of the 90-km, or roughly 56-mile, Comrades Marathon, why this race is so special to her, and what running brings to her life.

Episode Notes

Devon Yanko discusses why Comrades, the largest and oldest ultra-distance running race in the world, is so close to her heart, and why she has unfinished business there: even with three top-10 finishes, Devon says Comrades is her white whale.  

Devon is an elite ultra distance and marathon runner. She excels on the trail and road, an uncommon achievement. Of her many accomplishments, Devon has qualified twice for the US Olympic trials marathon, and she has also won and set course records in trail and road ultra races up to 100 miles long. 

You’ll also learn details about the Comrades course, and why it is so difficult. A few things to know about Comrades: it’s a 90-kilometer, or roughly 56-mile, road race that takes place each year in South Africa. Comrades turns 100 years old in 2021 and entries for the 2020 race are capped at 27,500 runners. 

The recommended women and running resource this episode is Devon’s blog. I’ve found many takeaways in her honest, in-depth, and insightful writing. The best way I’ve found to describe what she shares is that it feels like she squeezes every last bit of learning that she can out of the challenges she experiences. She goes deep, and she’s very open. Devon Yanko’s blog:

Devon on Instagram: @fastfoodie